Where have we left off at?

We left off on a cliff hanger haven't we?

I don't really know where to start to be honest; who knew moving to a new country/life is so drastic. I think I'll try and get you all up to speed really quick, then we can get to what i'm up to now!

(I think my audience is mostly english, so I'll do y'all the favor and write it out in english)

Also the formatting for this is ment for like a computer layout? So if you are on your phone the photos may look very out of place.

The beginning?

So I think where I left off is getting accepted, and like wow, that was not the end of the drama. Basically what happened is that the U.S. government (and the complete incompetence of two adults) caused me to be extremely late (around 15 days depending on how you count it), and because I was so stressed;  faced with the real possibility of a year of plans dropping through the cracks with no backup whatsoever I was kinda like over the whole talking about it thing. 

By some magic the document I was waiting on randomly showed up into the mail (not without two unanswered congressional inquires by the Sharice Davids herself!), and then I left that same day. I packed a whole year of my life in two hours only...

I flew sixteen hours in a plane, and showed up in a new country. I was terrified! But I made friends with my host family, and started going to school only two days after. I missed the first orientation with everyone in my district, (basically the other people in my organization who are inbounds living in Spain) and so I missed that first connection to people that everyone else was getting. But I made it work, joined a tennis school/team, had some amazing time with my host family, saw the culture, ate the culture, and overall started to fit in and explore my new life.

The more present beginning?

I’ve now been here for about two months, but really it’s hard for me to pinpoint what all I have done, as weird as that sounds. But here are some memorable moments (in some sort of bullet point list)? And things I remember (for the most part). 

First month

They gave me a photo of my graduation, as a little room warming gift when I got here! And I went on a sailboat!

I got to cook traditional paella with my host uncle, David! I cooked it in the mountains while trying some regional “drinks” I will never forget this and it was amazing!

Las Fallas, this is my first introduction to the regional event called Fallas. It is basically their biggest event of the year, I’ll get more into what it actually is when we get closer. But I met the group and they all loved me!

The world president of Rotary! I met him! He was super nice and it was so fun to see what I big time rotary event looked like, it was also so refreshing to see someone who could also speak English fluently… his wife was the most kind and gently person I’ve ever met, and she promised me if she ever visited Kansas she’ll call me up so I can show her around! 

l’Albufera, it’s a super big natural freshwater lake that super culturally significant; also the originating place of paella.

            The historic city center of valencia is not a place to miss! Like wow!
Same goes with the arts and sciences city!

Second month

The second month I really started to get into a daily schedule and rhythm , a lot less new experiences but a lot more fun ones too!

Half marathon, we volunteered in the half marathon! Very fun! I was in the banana group…

Requena- a region outside of valencia, with beautiful landscapes and beautiful wine

Oceanogràfic- the best aquarium I’ve really been too (so much better than the Shedd)

Valencia club de fútbol- I went to a game! The stadium was so steep but so exciting to watch!

Gynebra- a really famous artist here, I didn’t know her before but she’s wonderful. We met her at a rotary meeting!

Jamón!!!!! To die for! And the food in general!

I am in love with the tined fish here, it’s world renowned and I can’t stop buying it. The gourmet store owner knows me by first name now so it’s gotten bad

What happens next?

Well next up, I went on a trip to madrid! and meet all the other exchange students from my group! But that will definitely have to be its own post. And then my day to day posts that I want to start up, which I already have two planned and halfway completed. (along with updating instagram and facebook which for me is a monumental task)

These will all have a lot more commentary and my thoughts on exchange, and not just bullet point fast lists I promise!


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