Where have we left off at?

We left off on a cliff hanger haven't we? I don't really know where to start to be honest; who knew moving to a new country/life is so drastic. I think I'll try and get you all up to speed really quick, then we can get to what i'm up to now! (I think my audience is mostly english, so I'll do y'all the favor and write it out in english) Also the formatting for this is ment for like a computer layout? So if you are on your phone the photos may look very out of place. The beginning? So I think where I left off is getting accepted, and like wow, that was not the end of the drama. Basically what happened is that the U.S. government (and the complete incompetence of two adults)  caused me to be extremely late (around 15 days depending on how you count it), and because I was so stressed;  faced with the real possibility of a year of plans dropping through the cracks with no backup whatsoever I was kinda like over the whole talking about it thing.  By some magic the doc

Welcome to the great adventure

By: Tevis Kansas City, Kansas, USA This is the first post! Sometimes I forget how I started this all, but I'll try my best. I would say this started back in my Sophomore year of high school (2020-2021) when my Spanish teacher began to talk about this program and service organization: Rotary Youth Exchange, and Rotary respectfully. He spoke about what this program had to offer: the ability to take a second senior year of high school abroad, at a low cost, and an experience that will be with you for the rest of your life! As I progressed through high school I started to really think about my future. What to do? Which is a really hard question to answer. So I just went for it, I applied to be a Foreign exchange student at the club level, wrote essays, filled out applications that made me go a bit crazy, and went through the whole process. After this application consumed a month of my life, I went to the club-level interview, and a week later I got a call (they said they would call eve